Shelter: an atomic cartoon opera

Shelter poster

June 12-15
Berkeley Street Theatre
Canadian Stage
Toronto, ON

Shelter, composer Juliet Palmer, librettist Julie Salverson.

Shelter is an atomic cartoon opera about a nuclear family adrift in the atomic age. This 80-minute fable explores the role of science in wartime and asks what it means to take responsibility for our lives and communities. Through a darkly comedic love story, Shelter lays bare the impact of global decisions on ordinary people. Since Prometheus stole fire from the gods, we have flirted with the dangerous beauty of science. In the invisible shadow of Fukushima, how will we survive when knowledge so outstrips understanding? A father protects his family at any cost, a mother chases storms and a nuclear physicist is midwife to a child who glows in the dark. When the dashing atomic Pilot enters, our world is forever altered.

The opera is accompanied by an atomic symposium. A reading, a global hibakusha testimony project, a physicist and two atomic photographers. There will be an atomic memorabilia exhibit in the theatre throughout the run.

See the Tapestry site for tickets

NOTE: They offer 50% off all tickets for arts workers and students (except opening) for Shelter. The promo code is “pilot”.