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Community Events

PeaceQuest both develops and compiles resources for teachers, schools, faith communities, non-profits and individuals to build a stronger culture of peace in the places where they live, work, and play. We needed a page with resources that were practical for anyone, not just schools – – so here it is!

You’ll find that most of our suggested activities and events can be boiled down to one central theme: personal and public gestures of peace. This strategy is intentional. We build the community and world we want through our actions – no matter how small. With each gesture we make, the more likely we are to make peaceful and just choices in our day to day lives. Much like an affirmation, mantra, or prayer. We especially public love gestures of peace that bring together people from all walks of life, faith, and experience. We hope you’ll enjoy and make some more peace in your neighbourhood!




Peace Flags hanging in a gardenPaint Peace Flags

Download the printable postcard.

Inspired by the prayer flags of Tibet, which are in a set of 5, the common colours are blue (sky) white (air and clouds), red (fire) green (earth), and yellow (water).  This is also the traditional order in which they appear.


02_Snow ArtCreate Snow Art

Download the printable postcard.

Inspired by members of PeaceQuest Regina, engage your community with some impromptu temporary art! We designed these instructions to create a giant peace symbol with a group of 3. There are many. other. methods. of great snow art to explore. So get inspired and go for it!

a peace pilgraimmage walking through a park with lanternsOrganize a Peace Pilgrimmage

This was originally designed for two faith communities to get to know each other better – but it can be adapted to any two groups who wish to deepen their understanding through silent walks and thoughtful discussion.

Requires any 2 groups, 2-3 discussion questions, markers, chart paper or white board.

Download the printable postcard

examples of white square photos, "Start by educating ourselves", "become closer to others and creation" "know that fighting war is as noble as fighting wars"The White Square Project for Peace

Take a few minutes to do the exercise and declare your participation publicly – then keep wearing the White Square and start conversations. If you have a group, classroom, congregation, or community network, why not do the White Square Project together?

Download the printable postcard


Hiroshima Day Lantern Ceremonyshows about eleven children lit by the glow of their paper lanterns floating in a pool.

This template is based on an event that has taken place in Kington Ontario annually for the last 30+ years organized each year by a rotating cast of volunteers known as the Hiroshima Day Coalition.

The downloadable kit contains tons of resources from its many years in operation including:

  • Customizable posters
  • Press Release Samples
  • A full event-planning checklist, materials checklist and work plan
  • Educational slideshow/video
  • Floating Lantern instructions
  • A colouring book for kids

Peace for Syria & Iraq Rally & Postcard CampaignPostcard ImagevFront

Based on a rally and campaign by PeaceQuest Regina, this template package assumes you have at least some experience with planning rallies, but could make use of the work done in Regina so your team can instead focus on promotion.

The downloadable kit includes tons of resource materials including:

  • Customizable posters
  • Customizable press releases and samples
  • Protest song audio and lyrics by Wendy Luella Perkins
  • Printable postcard files in a couple different formats

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