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Faith-based Education

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The following  shows how PeaceQuest was introduced to teachers in the Algonquin and Lakeshore District Catholic School Board:



  • NEW! Development & Peace is pleased to offer Curricular Resources from Kindergarten to Grade 12 on Religious Education, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science – in French and English. Development and Peace works with partners in Catholic education to produce relevant resources that are aligned with curriculum expectations.
  • Scarboro Missions recently redesigned the Interfaith Curriculum Resources section of their website. You can explore this rich collection in nine theme areas: schools & youth groups, peace–building, ecology & social justice, prayer & meditation, colleges & universities, interfaith toolkits, young adults, Golden Rule and bi-lateral dialogues.
  • Colouring for Peace – Created by volunteer Judy Tse, this colouring book has 12 illustrated pages with one directly referencing the floating of Peace Lanterns on Hiroshima Day. You can learn more about Hiroshima Day in Kingston on their website.
  • KAIROS Blanket Exercise – A teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Can be tailored to suit any age group. Watch the video to get an idea of how it works.
  • We Are One Canada – Benjamin is a 5th grader in Mississauga, Ontario who has a special message for kids across Canada. Help Syrian refugees feel welcome in Canada by the simple gesture of learning a few simple phrases in Arabic. Follow along with Benjamin and his friends in their simple DIY instructional videos!

Another book that is faith-inspired is A New Day: Peacemaking Stories and Activities: Program Ideas for Leaders of Children by Carolyn Pogue, beautifully illustrated by Danka Gocova, and published by the United Church.

It’s the children who help to break the cycle of violence when dragon after dragon comes to threaten their village in the story “Dragons”.  It’s the children who help break down the wall that’s standing in the way of their hopes and dreams in “The Wall”.  And it’s the children who provide a refuge for Peace, the offspring of the doves named Justice and Hope in the story “The Egg”.

The message carried through all of the stories included in A New Day is that children can be peacemakers too. With delightful wit and vivid imagery Carolyn Pogue tells tales of peacemaking that recall the atmosphere of ancient fables, yet include an urgency that today’s children will respond to and embrace.  Each story is followed by a wide variety of activities that leaders can choose from and photocopy to help children translate these messages of peace into their own lives and communities.  64 pages.