150+ Canadians Day 131: Dr. Gordon Edwards

Dr. Gordon Edwards contributes to peace through his lifelong efforts to expose the risks of nuclear weaponry and radioactive waste. #Canada150

Dr. Gordon Edwards was a co-founder of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, in 1975, and has been its president since 1978. The not-for profit organization supports research and education on nuclear energy, whether for civilian or military purposes, and on nuclear alternatives.

Dr. Edwards has written articles and reports on radiation standards, radioactive waste, uranium mining, nuclear proliferation, the economics of nuclear power, and non-nuclear energy strategies. He has been recognized by courts as an expert on nuclear science.

“World peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons can never be brought about by means of a hypocritical double standard. If nuclear weapons are indeed the greatest existential threat to the continued survival of humanity and other life-forms on this planet, then no one should have them.”

Here’s Gordon’s take on why nuclear power can’t be the solution to climate chamge. (VIDEO)

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