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Educational Resources are divided up into categories as follows:

  • Activities & Lesson Plans
  • Audio/Video
  • Arts
  • Multiple


  • NEW! War & Children – Two years in the making, War & Children was created by Judi Wyatt of PeaceQuest and Linda Dale of Children/Youth a Peacemakers. We are thrilled to  be able to share this resource with the world.
  • KAIROS Blanket Exercise – A teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Can be tailored to suit any age group. Watch the video to get an idea of how it works.


  • NEW! Hiroshima Day Video – This 9-minute video was produced by PeaceQuest for the 2015 Hiroshima Day Ceremony in Kingston Ontario. It provides an overview and basic facts about the bomb, but also explores what daily life in Hiroshima & Nagasaki was like beforehand.
  • Veterans for Peace Video. Veterans For Peace UK is a voluntary organization of men and women who served in every war that Britain has fought since WW2.  Their work involves educating young people on the true nature of military service and war.  They hope to convince people that war is not the answer to the problems of the 21st century.
  • Music Video: Hollerado, a fairly well known Canadian band made a video for the song “So it goes” about his family’s experience with compassion in WW2 Song and minivideo
  • Short Film: Neighbours In this 1952 Oscar®-winning short film, Norman McLaren employs the principles normally used to put drawings or puppets into motion to animate live actors. The story is a parable about two people who come to blows over the possession of a flower. Clever, simple, and timeless!
  • PBS Series:  THE GREAT WAR and the Shaping of the 20th Century Download PDF Summary: PBS series The Great War and the 20th Century INT
  • WW I seven short videos by York University History Dept.
  • Music Video:  about a soldier killed in WW I: WW I music video The Green Fields of France



  • PeaceOne Day has a very rich collection of video and lesson plans for all ages. Sign up for a free account to access.
  • Indigenous Dakota, Nehetho, and Anishinaabe Elders in Manitoba released “The Great Binding Law” which shares guidelines for how all peoples can live in peace. A printable PDF is available for download. Students are invited to imagine how they can contribute to building the world proposed in this document or research similar laws recognized by other First Nations.
  • Peaceful Schools International is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the creation of a culture of peace within schools.  You will be impressed by the huge array of useful resources.
  • Peace Poppies: While red poppies are for Remembrance, white poppies commemorate civilian lives lost and the building of a peaceful culture. You can order white poppies for your class or make your own!

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