PQ Regina Mourns Loss of Peter Gehl

Peter Gehl in 2008

Peter Gehl in 2008

by Ed Lehman

On October 18/16 one of Regina’s leading peace activists died.

Peter Gehl was a life-long activist for peace and social justice. He joined the Regina Peace Council as a youth and supported that group throughout his life. He also was active nationally and assisted with the re-formation of the Canadian Peace Congress in 2006 and was a member of its Executive. In 2014 Peter was one of a group of peace activists who founded PeaceQuest Regina. He was highly regarded by Saskatchewan peace activists and   known nationally and internationally for his writings in Saskatchewan Peace News, the bulletin of the Regina Peace Council. Peter was an authority on many hot spots throughout the world including the Middle East.

Peter Gehl was very concerned about the grave and increasing threat of nuclear war and in particular the present danger of a war between Russia and the United States. On October 8th at a Keep Space for Peace panel at the University of Regina Peter spoke against Canada joining the Ballistic Missile “Defence” program of the United States seeing it (BMD) as an escalation of the threat of nuclear war. Throughout his life Peter argued for treaties to prevent wars and for Canada to have an independent Canadian foreign policy.

Peter’s friends and family have vowed to continue Peter’s efforts for peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and solidarity. Peter is survived by his three brothers and their families and many cousins and friends throughout Canada. Peter was a graduate of Regina’s Martin Collegiate and received his engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Peter’s life’s work was preserving Saskatchewan’s natural environment and assisting the province’s agricultural producers and First Nations.

For more information please contact Ed Lehman, Vice-President, Regina Peace Council at 306-718-8010 or edrae1133@gmail.com.