Setsuko Thurlow on Nuclear Ban Treaty

Map of which countries voted yes (blue), no (red) or did not vote (grey) on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons this past July. (Wikipedia)

“…I felt betrayed by my birth country Japan, and by Canada, my adopted country, when both refused to participate in the ban treaty negotiations…Canada’s refusal to participate in the UN ban treaty negotiations is a crime against humanity, given Canada’s direct involvement in development of the atom bomb.”

We were moved to share this Toronto Star piece by Setsuko Thurlow, one of our 150+ Canadians who contributed to peace. Follow the link to read the full article here.

Should we take Canada to task for not signing onto the International Nuclear Ban Treaty? We think so.

You can read Setsuko’s profile from our 150 Canadians Who Contributed to Peace project here.