PQ Regina mourns loss of Stephen Moore

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Stephen Moore, a founding member of PeaceQuest Regina and the Making Peace Vigil, died on August 16. The New Brunswick native was a tireless campaigner for peace and social justice. He was 47 years old.

Among his final words, dictated to his daughter Emily from his hospital bed two days before he left us, were a plea for a different role for Canada on the world stage. They were included in a four-paragraph letter to the Regina Leader-Post. Stephen’s final public statement began by getting right to the point

“Canada’s role in the global arms trade, and its role in nuclear proliferation in particular is a disgrace.”

A lecturer at the University of Regina, Michael received his doctorate from Queen’s University along with his wife, Susan Bauman. He had an impish way with words, once describing himself as “an English teacher, a political junkie, a community volunteer, and a fan of the Oxford comma.”

His last letter described Canada’s controversial sale of armoured personnel carriers to the Saudi Arabian torture state: “…an eerie choir of undertakers echoes our national anthem down Bay Street to the tune of billions of dollars paid to the global arms trade.”

“He didn’t have to think about it,” said Florence Stratton, another PeaceQuest Regina founder. “It wasn’t something he had to contemplate, he just knew that peace and social justice were things that needed to be struggled for.”

Stephen got around the prairie city by bicycle in all kinds of weather. A student of medieval and Anglo-Saxon literature, he had a lifelong fascination with words and their uses. And his final printed words reflected his deep commitment to the common good.

“Let us stand on the right side of human history, giving voice to peace and allowing future generations to have their voices heard.”

A longtime advocate for peace and justice, among Moore’s last words were those dictated to his 21-year-old daughter Emily from his hospital bed on Monday, and sent to the Leader-Post on Tuesday morning. Stephen Moore died on Wednesday. Stephen was a founding member of PeaceQuest Regina. He was a frequent speaker at our peace rallies, symposiums, and walks.

Stephen devoted much of his time and energy to the struggle for peace and justice in Regina, Canada, and the world. Right up until the very end he was using his voice to call for peace. Thursday’s Leader-Post includes a letter by Stephen, with the (print edition) title “Canada must stand up for world peace”:

Today’s Leader-Post carries a tribute to Stephen: http://leaderpost.com/news/local-news/family-and-friends-remember-stephen-moore-community-minded-to-the-end

Stephen will be missed very badly by the peace and justice movement in Regina. Next week’s Making Peace Vigil will be held in memory of Stephen, with his letter included in the flyer. Everyone is welcome.: Thursday August 24, noon – 12:30 pm, on the Scarth Street Mall, by BMO.

There will be a memorial service for Stephen on Tuesday August 22, at Campion College Chapel, University of Regina:
12 noon, gathering and lunch
1 pm, service

In an email, his wife Susan Bauman extended a special invitation to folks in the peace and justice movement.