Peace Billboard Celebrated in Saskatchewan

Local activists stand beneath a billboard created by the Regina Peace Council in memory of Peter Gehl. It reads “Canada – Act for Peace Not War. Sign the treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. No participation in Ballistic Missile Defense. Stop exporting weapons of war. Oppose Regime-change militarism”

David Gehl, brother of Peter and himself a leading peace activist, talked about being on Treaty 4 land and how General Middleton had disembarked here on the way to put down the resistance of 1885. Gehl discussed the messages on the board and the beautiful peace dove it displays.
Gehl pointed out that many Canadians do not realize our country is not pursuing a policy of peace. Thus the main slogan Canada – Act For Peace Not War. Gehl explained that a major danger to the world today is the threat of the use of nuclear weapons; thus the slogans Sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and No Participation in Ballistic Missile Defence. Gehl referred to Canadian made armaments being used in Yemen and the slogan Stop Exporting Weapons of War. Gehl singled out Canada’s participation in attempts with the US to upset a number of governments around the world and the final slogan Oppose  Regime-Change Militarism.
Gehl reported that space did not permit the use of other important slogans: End Glorification of War and Violence, Reduce Military Spending; Fight Climate Change Not War; and Fund Human Needs Not War.
Gehl mentioned that the peace dove on the mural was one of Pablo Picasso’s and that Picasso had been a leader with the World Peace Council.
Gehl paid tribute to his elder brother, Peter, who had been an activist with the Regina Peace Council, a founder of PeaceQuest Regina in 2014, a long-time editor of Saskatchewan Peace News, and a member of the executive of the Canadian Peace Congress.
By Ed Lehman, activist with Regina Peace Council