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Two years in the making, War & Children was created by Judi Wyatt of PeaceQuest and Linda Dale of Children/Youth a Peacemakers. We are thrilled to  be able to share this resource with the world.

Below are resources for students in grades 7 and 8:

  • NEW! War & Children – Two years in the making, War & Children was created by Judi Wyatt of PeaceQuest and Linda Dale of Children/Youth a Peacemakers. We are thrilled to  be able to share this resource with the world.
  • Study War No More – a learning tool developed and produced by World Beyond War in partnership with the Global Campaign for Peace Education intended for those concerned with pursuing alternative possibilities to the general futility of war as a means to pursuing peace.
  • Peace One Day has a very rich collection of lessons.  Jeremy Gilley is the documentary film maker who spent years persuading the United Nations to adopt a fixed date for The  International Day of Peace: Sept. 21.  Every year there is a new focus.  Click on the links until you see the ages 11 – 18 document for either the U.S. or the English world; there you will find many lessons.
  • Project Peacemakers is an off-shoot of Project Ploughshares.  Learn about it here: Welcome to Project Peacemakers and find many useful lessons.  Here are two Project Peacemaker resources for this age group: Children and War Elementary School Kit and Children of War and Playing with Guns
  • Birds of a Feather is a play for puppets or children, sponsored by Project Ploughshares.  Read the introduction here: INTRODUCTION TO BIRDS OF A FEATHER and get the script here: Puppet Script
  •  Short Film: NeighboursIn this 1952 Oscar®-winning short film, Norman McLaren employs the principles normally used to put drawings or puppets into motion to animate live actors. The story is a parable about two people who come to blows over the possession of a flower. Clever, simple, and timeless!
  •  The Bugle and the Passing Bell – a CBC radio documentary series about WW1. You can download a summary PDF here, or visit CBC’s page.
  • Family Pastimes is a Canadian company in Perth, Ontario that makes cooperative games.  Peace in Our Time is a good, inexpensive game that takes about an hour to play and discuss.  Here is a description:   PEACE IN OUR TIME game description.
  • Go to The Art of Peace Camps for lots of activities and the inspiration to create a peace camp.  Down load the free booklet, “Waging Peace”.
  • Getting your class into community work? Perhaps you may want to guide them through the process of deciding which actions your community most needs using the Community Toolbox!
  • Hollerado, a fairly well known Canadian band made a video for the song “So it goes” about his family’s experience with compassion in WW2 Song and minivideo
  • Although written more than a decade ago, the  U.N. Manifesto for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence is worth studying.  Ask students to work in groups to suggest how each of these statements would look in practice: MANIFESTO 2000 FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE AND NON
  • The site  has many news articles and discussion questions that would interest intermediate students.  Here are some of the articles; check out the website for more:

Ban Cluster Bombs Elementary-Educator-Resources;   Bullying Elementary-Resources1;   Dadaab-Refugee-Elementary-Resources1;    Dallaire wants to prevent Child Soldiers Elementary-Resource-March-18-2013

Malala Nobel Prize candidate October-7-2013-Elementary-ER;    Nelson Mandela Elementary-Educator-Resources;    Sierra Leone War Crimes and Blood Diamonds Elementary-Resources1;

Syria’s War on Children-Nov.-11-2013;     Violence Against Women is Epidemic Elementary-Educator-Resources