World Federalists: 10 Op-Eds on Peacekeeping

Today, the World Federalist Movement – Canada is publishing a volume of 10 op-ed length essays by leading Canadian experts, entitled “The United Nations and Canada: What Canada has done and should be doing for United Nations peacekeeping.”

Ahead of the Ministerial Meeting on United Nations Peacekeeping taking place November 14-15 in Vancouver, these prominent Canadians are calling for Canada to do more in support of UN operations.

The government’s commitment announced in August of 2016, to provide up to 600 military and 150 police personnel for UN peace operations, contributed to Canada being given the opportunity to host the Vancouver Ministerial. Now, over a year later, there are still questions as to whether Canada, a country that aspires to being elected to a two-year seat at the UN Security Council, will make good on its own pledges.

PDF versions of the booklet can be downloaded here in French and English.

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