Students Raise Banner for Peace

KINStudents and Banner 02GSTON, ON : On Friday April 8th at 2:30pm students and teachers at Sydenham Public School will raise a banner for peace as they embark on the Hands United for Peace project in partnership with Chalmers United Church and PeaceQuest. The banner is to be raised on the tower of Chalmers United Church at the corner of Barrie and Clergy Streets.

“When the daily news offers up stories of conflict and violence among individuals and nations, we know that this partnership for peace is relevant. It seeks common ground, shared communication and concerted action for good.” says David Melhorn-Boe, Minister of Music at Chalmers United Church.

“The children really respond with insight and creativity to the question ‘How do we build peace?’  They know that peace is much more than a concept—it’s a way of living.”

The project starts with the co-creation of visual art and soundscape that will culminate in a musical performance on April 29th.

“It is a great honour and delight for Chalmers to be participating because we are learning and making discoveries that we could not come to on our own.  We are transformed and enriched by this collaboration, and feel more connected to our neighbours, our community and the world.”

Also leading the project with Melhorn-Boe are Margaret Moncrieff, Coordinator of Children and Youth Ministry, Sarah McCourt Grade 4/5 teacher at SPS, and Sandra Swan-Presnell, the vice principal.


Jolene Cheryl Simko

Administrative Coordinator


PeaceQuest is a national grassroots, non-profit, non-denominational, and non-partisan organization based in Kingston, Ontario that supports and facilitates peace-building initiatives across Canada.

PeaceQuest was started in 2013 while the Canadian government spending tens of millions to celebrate the War of 1812 as a glorious struggle. A group of people in Kingston, Ontario decided to offer a different story of Canada and war on the centenary of World War One. PeaceQuest seeks to commemorate WWI by organizing events that emphasize peace — a value that, we believe, Canadians cherish. There are PeaceQuest affiliate groups in Victoria, Regina, Kitchener-Waterloo and Cape Breton