Salil Subedi Canadian Tour

PeaceQuest is honoured to be an official sponsor of the Salil Subedi Canadian Tour in support of the Nepal Telescope Project. Scroll to the bottom of this page for complete listings of events, workshops, and concerts across Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Salil Subedi is a multidisciplinary artist who pioneered a stylized form of didgeridoo playing as both a percussive and rhythmic instrument. In doing so, he further uncovered the versatile nature of this instrument.

Over the past decades, Salil explored the ancient wind instrument’s potential beyond music and employed it in theatre, performance art, sound art, and social art for educational, social and cultural causes.

Heavens and Earth: The Nepal Telescope Project will provide adventurous educational and cultural programming for youth across Nepal and beyond. It was envisioned by a collective of artists, scientists and elders as led by multidisciplinary artist & musician Salil Subedi. Together, we will help lead explorations of the wonders of the universe, nature, science, and the global condition. Download the one-page summary of the project here or learn more at



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