Kingston SEPT 16: Peace Pints!

A new type of community dialogue-based event open to anyone across Canada interested in holding one: Peace Pints! The concept is loosely based on the Green Drinks phenomenon where environmentally-minded folks get together to network and socialize. Alcohol is always optional.

With Peace Pints, we changed it up in a few ways…

First, it’s an opportunity to hold a socially-minded gathering with a wider range of interests – not just for those involved in sustainability and environment, it also includes those involved in social justice and equality, disarmament, human rights, historians, veterans, interfaith discourse, and so on!

Secondly, we like to offer a little bit of content just to get the conversation rolling. A Peace Pints gathering of any length can offer a 5-15 minute video clip, a song, or quote at the top of each hour to set the tone for the rest of the hour – but the conversations are not structured, so no need to stay on topic. …and of course, attendees are especially encouraged to start the discussion out with someone new!

Host your own PeacePints only once, or as often as you like.  Let us know about your local events so we can share them.

Peace Pints logo - open and free to use with permission!

Peace Pints logo – open and free to use! Creative Commons Licence
Peace Pints logo by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Anyone interested in peace can attend or host a Peace Pints gathering. We can support your event for with graphics, promotional templates, signage, and even guidance if you don’t have event planning experience.

Since Peace Pints it still new, we paired with Kingston Green Drinks organizers, Transition Kingston to offer the first few evenings and work out the kinks. Green Drinks is a monthly event in Kingston, so we encourage you to join them every third Wednesday of the month 7-9pm upstairs at the Grad Club.



animated pan shot from left to right of attendees conversing on couches.

Our first event this past February had a manageable group of 16. The conversation was laid back yet engaging! The conversation naturally seemed to split off into groups after the first half – then as seen here – in the second half the group spontaneously opted to all speak together.

VIDEO 1) The Story of Stuff

VIDEO 2) 10 minute clip from Til the Cows Come Home