Peace theology needs more than tinkering: National Catholic Reporter

Jesus Christ Peacemaker

PeaceQuest Co-Founder Sister Pauline Lally, found this book review in the National Catholic Reporter and wanted to share it with you all. Here is an excerpt from the article. Read the full review HERE.

“Rynne’s focus here is Catholicism, from its origins as a band of Jewish dissidents refusing to cower under Roman rule to the 21st-century American wing of a doctrine-laced hierarchal church of 1.2 billion people. In his early pages, he draws on the works of contemporary thinkers — John Howard Yoder, Richard Rohr, Richard Horsley, Walter Wink and others — to assert that “Christianity grew because Christians in community followed the nonviolent Jesus in their daily actions.”

For Rynne, Jesus “not only rejected violence as a personal option; he also fought the structural violence that was embedded in the institutions of his nation. His nonviolence was the nonviolence of resistance and building up the human community, the nonviolence of the peacemaker.””