Peace is an active way of living …

Peace dictionary entryIn launching PeaceQuest, the volunteer organizers have wrestled with so many different aspects of what PeaceQuest is and what it could be. Again and again, we come back to the need for conversations and dialogue about peace – dialogue open to all, inclusive of all. In the face of real-life events, like the gassing of innocents in Syria and the possible attack of Syrians as punishment, wrestling for real answers, practical answers, peace-is-possible answers with any and all is essential.

One of the ways of getting there has been to describe what PeaceQuest means by peace. PeaceQuest has deliberately stayed away from the term “definition” – this is a working draft open to improvement. But it’s also a point of pride that this description has involved:

Peace is an active way of living, resolving conflicts cooperatively, respecting the wellbeing of the earth and all peoples.