Everybody Sing for Peace: Success!

We got amazing coverage of our “Everybody Sing for Peace!” event this past Sunday. We had over 450 in attendance and we would like to thank all of you for attending, for donating, and making it so special for everyone involved. Read on for documentation of our television coverage and links to the excellent photography shared by Hilbert Buist and Sharon Buffett.

As you know PeaceQuest is an ongoing discussion, and in that, we would like to thank those of you who asked about the content and song selection at this event. We were absolutely thrilled with Mark Sirett’s work in putting the song list together for this event and we are happy to work with our audience and partners over time to make it a meaningful experience for everybody. The very nature of peace work involves bringing together many different types of people to work together towards a common goal – hearing the diversity in feedback from the audience tell us that we are indeed getting a wide and diverse audience. We thank you and look forward to stretching our reaches even further!

Follow the links to our Television coverage and photos below:

TV Cogeco

‘WS Daily on CKWS with Bill Welychka



CKWS Newswatch at 6



Photos by Hilbert Buist on Flickr16354811996_e0bbc35473_z

Photos by Sharn Buffett on SmugMuguntitled-89[1]


And lastly, for reference, a copy of the original poster. Contact us anytime if you would like a template copy of this poster to adapt for your own purposes!

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