Escalating Tragedies in Syrian Conflict

Screen-capture from a video of Turkish Land Forces on the road to Afrin. Source: Amerika’n?n Sesi on Youtube, also known as Voice of America.

Over the past several weeks, PeaceQuest has received news releases from The Board of Democratic Kurdish Federation of Canada with statements with regard to the increase in hostilities by Turkish troops in the Kurdish region around the city of Afrin in northern Syria.

Claims of indiscriminate attacks on civilians have been documented by Amnesty International.

PeaceQuest has consistently supported diplomatic efforts to bring this tragic conflict to an end.  This recent escalation in the violence would seem to suggest that efforts to end the war in the region continue to fall short.

PeaceQuest urges Canada, through the United Nations, to double its efforts to resolve this human tragedy.

You can help encourage Canada to take a stand on this issue in three ways:

Let your voice be joined with ours in our ongoing quest for peace.

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