Did your faith community receive a letter from us?


The week of February 13th, 2017, the Faith Stream (a subcommittee) of PeaceQuest sent out letters to faith and cultural communities across Kingston and region.

These letters invite faith communities to take advantage of the event planning and activity resources found here on peacequest.ca. We encourage you to explore the “Resources” tab above to get a closer look at everything we have available, which includes materials for a wide range of age groups and demographics.

The full text of the letter can be found below:

Dear Friends,

We reach out to you today inspired by our shared commitment to peace.

PeaceQuest is a grassroots organization based in Kingston which seeks to provide new and creative opportunities for interfaith and community dialogue as well as promoting public gestures of peace.

Recognizing the important peace work that is integral to your faith tradition, we invite you to explore the resources which PeaceQuest offers that your faith community may choose to incorporate into your own peace initiatives and practices.

We operate on the fundamental principle that peace is a core Canadian/human value and that societies which actively discuss, practise, and prioritize peace will achieve peace. To this end, PeaceQuest is committed to providing opportunities to examine Canada’s role in war and peace with people of faith or no faith; indeed, with all people of good will.

Since our launch in 2014, dozens of schools and community groups in Kingston, Regina, Victoria, Saskatoon and Cape Breton have made use of (and themselves contributed to) the materials available on our website. These are the very resources which your community may choose to adapt and utilize.

Curious to learn more? We are excited to share our work with you and explore opportunities to come together. We would welcome a representative to attend any one our monthly interfaith meetings. Please contact Jolene Simko at 613.583.2569 for date and location info.

We thank you for your time and consideration of these invitations. Should you have further questions about us or our resources, feel free to contact us anytime.

In Peace,

The PeaceQuest Faith Stream:

  • Sister Pauline Lally – Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Keith Greenham – Kingston Baha’i Community
  • Lavina Masand Mehra – Member, Kingston Hindu Community
  • Beth Pater – Kingston Unitarian Fellowship
  • Ann Boniferro – PeaceQuest Education Stream Liaison
  • Bronek Korczynski – PeaceQuest Steering Committee Co-Chair
  • Leigh Smith – Kingston Justice & Peace Coalition, Anglican Diocese of Ontario
  • Jolene Cheryl Simko – PeaceQuest Administrative Coordinator