Sign the Declaration for a Nuclear(& Fission)-Free World


Inspired by the World Social Forum held in Montreal in August, 2016fsm_logo_en

PeaceQuest has endorsed the Declaration for a Nuclear – Fission  – Free World, We encourage you to do so too!



Nuclear weapons must be eliminated because

  • Even a limited nuclear war could provoke sudden extreme climate change on a global scale, crippling agricultural production and threatening the survival of all higher forms of life.
  • A nuclear armed world is likely to destroy itself and set in motion a process that will undo four billion years of evolution.


world-uranium-symposium-2015Nuclear reactors must be phased out because

  • They are the repositories of the most pernicious industrial waste ever known, which will burden future generations with a poisonous legacy.
  • Export and transport of nuclear waste is therefore irresponsible.
  • If targeted by terrorists, saboteurs or conventional warfare, the explosion of nuclear reactors will cause untold destruction, making global regions uninhabitable.


Uranium mining and processing must be halted worldwide because

  • Uranium is the key element behind all nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors 


Therefore endorses the call by Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and the 2015 Quebec World Uranium Symposium for

  • an elimination of all nuclear weapons
  • a phase out of all nuclear reactors
  • a total ban on the mining and processing of uranium 

To endorse the declaration email or you can sign online HERE.