Become a PeaceQuest School!

A commitment to a peaceful future requires the engagement of future generations.

What better way to achieve this than to support peace education for children?

The Education Stream of PeaceQuest is welcoming all elementary and secondary schools, publically or privately funded, to become PeaceQuest schools. This five year project invites a school community to complete one or more activities in each of the following realms: Creating Community Connections; Acting for Peace; Raising Awareness; and Engaging Families.

A PeaceQuest School poster allows a school to declare their commitment to this initiative, and yearly stickers will be awarded for meeting the criteria. The schools already involved have gone beyond the list of suggested activities to create unique lessons and events that promote a culture of peace.

We hope that the PeaceQuest Schools project will encourage participating staff and students to engage in peace education and conversations in the classroom, at school-wide events, with families, and in their local communities.

For more information, contact Ann Boniferro (

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