150+ Canadians Day 80: Climate Activists

Image: The People’s Climate March in Vancouver in September 2014. Activists hope the Act on Climate March will put pressure on their leaders to address climate change and take a stand on tar sands development.  (Chris Yakimov, on Flickr

Climate Activists contribute to peace through their advocacy and action on behalf of the planet and all living things. #Canada150

Every province and territory of Canada has climate change advocates and organizations that have brought to public attention the evidence of climate change. In northern Canada, especially the three territories, many advocates have incorporated insights from indigenous knowledge, particularly the knowledge of the elders in their climate change advocacy. In the large cities of Canada climate change advocates have based their advocacy primarily on many, many studies; global and local, documenting the speed and depth of climate change.

Most scientists attribute climate change to the activity of humankind, concluding that if human actions are the source of significant climate change, we should also be able to both slow and prevent it from happening. In spite of the mounting evidence, there remain some who assert that climate change is natural, has occurred before, and therefore is nothing to be alarmed about. Such assertions have been employed by politicians and corporate interests alike in attempt to depict climate change advocates as being extremists and/or against progress.

In Canada, many efforts to protect our environment have been inspired by the recent Paris Agreement on Climate Change (2015), and continue to be fueled by the courage of individuals and organizations on the local, national and international stages. Statements by many religious leaders have also contributed to meaningful action, including the first encyclical by Pope Francis (Laudato ‘Si).

Among the countless contributions to the climate change movement, most Canadians would recognize the work of leaders like the women of the Mother Earth Water Walk, Dr. David Suzuki, Elizabeth May, Naomi Klein, Theresa Spence, Maude Barlow and so many others. Who would you add to this list? Perhaps yourself?

Thank you to climate activists everywhere!

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