150+ Canadians Day 16: Peace Movements

Canada’s Peace Movements contribute to peace by calling us to lives of nonviolence, actively promoting the quest for peace. #Canada150

Canadian peace organizations have:

  • encouraged people to courageously choose peace over violence
  • addressed systemic injustices that can lead to violence and war
  • consistently spoken out against war and militarism, nuclear testing and presence of nuclear weapons in Canada
  • taught conflict resolution, negotiation, and peacebuilding strategies
  • facilitated inter-faith/racial/ethnic dialogue
  • provided education and advocacy resources to schools, churches and other groups

Among the many Canadian Peace Groups are included: the Canadian World Federalists; Canadian Peace Research Institute; Canadian Voice of Women; Project Ploughshares; Operation Dismantle; Canadian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War; Scientists for Peace; Veterans Against Nuclear Arms; Lawyers for Social Responsibility; Canadian Peace Initiative; Canadian Peace Alliance; The Canadian Institute for International Peace and Security; Peace Direct; PeaceQuest; the Mennonites and Quakers.