150+ Canadians Day 134: Dwyer Sullivan

Dwyer Sullivan contributes to peace as an educator and advocate for an end to military spending on war. #Canada150

Dwyer Sullivan spent most of his career working in Ontario’s Catholic school system, teaching high school science, world religions, world issues, and social justice. He created and coordinated many out-of-the-classroom social justice experiences for teenagers, including The Dominican Republic Experience, The School of Americas Trip, visits to Catholic Worker houses, the Walk Against Male Violence, involvement with the One World Global Education Projects, and a weeklong summer camp: Leadership for Peace and Justice.

He is also an active member of Conscience Canada which wants Canadians to have the right to divert their federal tax payments away from military purposes. Conscience Canada says that to promote peace we must stop paying for war.

Want to learn more? Here is a 11 minutes video introducing Conscience Canada and the Peace Tax Return:

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