150+ Canadians Day 132: Hazar Mahayni

Image: qunfuz.com

Hazar Mahayni contributes to peace by providing schooling to refugee children in Turkey. #Canada150

Hazar Mahayni is a Canadian-trained pharmacist working in Montreal. She runs the Al Salam School for children of refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey, located in sight of the border with Syria. The school has taught over 1900 students and has a staff of 90. After spending a few years getting the school running well, Ms. Mahayni now supervises the school from Montreal, relying on technology to keep in touch.

Students pay no tuition and Ms. Mahayni does not receive a salary. The school offers classes, transportation, a nutritious meal, dental care, and a secure learning environment. Supported by the Syrian Kids Foundation, the school aims to rebuild trust, self-worth, compassion, and open-mindedness in Syrian refugee children.

The Syrian Kids Foundation is a registered charity and the school operates on donations and annual fundraising revenues.

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