150+ Canadians Day 98: NGOs

NGOs contribute to peace by addressing education, poverty, equality, and environmental concerns around the world.

NGO stands for non-governmental organization.  These Not-for-profit organizations have a great social impact in education, children’s lives, poverty reduction, women and girls, animals, arts and culture, the environment, peace, empowerment at home and abroad.

They are charitable organizations promoting sustainability and harmony between people, animals and nature.

Many NGOs are often entrepreneurial in solving local problems in some of the world’s toughest communities. They focus on existing projects to improve access to education or health care, create jobs or build safer homes in developing countries.  They believe that local leaders understand the unique challenges of their communities and with assistance are the most effective.

The Red Cross and Development and Peace are examples of international NGOs; Operation Dismantle and PeaceQuest are examples of peace NGOs, The David Suzuki Foundation and Greenpeace of environmental NGOs.  Other examples are: KAIROS, Ten Thousand Villages, ACORN Canada, World Vision, and all kinds of philanthropy connections etc., etc.

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