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PeaceQuest Regina 2014


PeaceQuest Regina had its first meeting on June 19th 2014. Our first seven months have been very productive:

  1. We handed out 347 peace pamphlets at the Folk Festival. Thanks to Hilary for organizing us.
  2. Thanks to Emilie, we have a facebook page which is proving to be very useful in promoting a culture of peace.
  3. Thanks to Peter’s efforts on our behalf, Mayor Michael Fougere issued a proclamation, declaring September 21 International Day of Peace.
  4. One of our members, Stephen Moore, had an essay on PeaceQuest Regina published in the The Prairie Messenger.
  5. On behalf of PeaceQuest Regina and Making Peace Vigil, Florence spoke at the 145th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.
  6. Together with Regina Peace Council and Making Peace Vigil, we had a table promoting peace at the Radical Book Fair, Saskatchewan Peoples Social Forum.
  7. Also at the Social Forum, we put on a workshop about military training in Regina high schools. It was attended by about 30 people.
  8. Together with three other peace groups in Saskatchewan, we launched a petition and will have collected over 2,000 signatures. The petition got a conversation going about military training in our schools. This is a huge accomplishment.
  9. Members had letters to the editor published in the Leader Post and The Prairie Messenger on the military training question.
  10. Judi Wyatt of PeaceQuest in Kingston paid us a visit to tell us about PeaceQuest: its origins and purposes.
  11. We succeeded in getting Joyeux Noel shown at two locations.
  12. We sent out 5 or 6 press releases. Three of them got some attention:
  13. The first one on the petition was in all the media.
  14. The second one on the petition got the attention of Radio Canada and Evelyn handled the interview brilliantly.
  15. CBC radio responded to the press release on the showing of Joyeux Noel at the Library. Bob and Emilie did brilliant interviews.