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PeaceQuest KW Jan. Minutes

Meeting began at 7:15pm on Jan 11th, 2015

  • Emily created a discussion board ( Can be used for discussions in between meetings.
  • Funding: PeaceQuest Kingston will provide some funding for events, but we will also need to raise some funding of our own to cover initiative expenses if needed.
  • Relevant community events
    • Walk against male violence in April
      • High school students walk from Victoria park to denounce male violence against women
    • Conscience Canada meeting in Toronto- there will be a speaker relevant to nonviolence. Could publicize.
    • Lawrence Hill (author of Book of Negros, the Deserter’s Tale) will be at Laurier, Bricker rm 101 at 7:00pm on Thursday
    • Jeff Halper is speaking at WLU in the Senate and Board Chamber about the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition on Monday
    • MLK day rally- at Kitchener City Hall, Jan 17th, 7pm run by the Nonviolence Festival, featuring art and music, as well as reflection on MLK’s life.
  • Ideas
    • Connect more with Interfaith Grand River
      • Colin will talk to his pastor at Unitarian church who is involved
    • Honour a peacemaker- have an event to raise awareness of an important peacemaker in Canada’s history
      • Dwyer will look up people
    • Movie- Oh What A Lovely War- good anti-war film
      • Eleanor will ask Matthew about other good films
    • Publicize small arms treaty
      • Can publicize on campus, in high schools, at events
      • See if Ploughshares has info about the treaty we can use, such as handouts or a board (Colin)
      • Apparently when MP was asked why we haven’t signed, they said they don’t know and that we should ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Could raise as a concern in the upcoming election
      • Could contact organizations and offer to have someone from PQ come and give a brief spiel about the petition and then get people to sign it
    • April 22nd 100th anniversary of the Battle of 2nd Ypres and April 9-12 is the 98th of Vimy Ridge. We should plan something to coincide with one of the dates
      • Potentially a movie night? Emily will look into hosting a movie night at a library
    • We should invite the on campus peace groups to our next meeting to plan an on campus initiative
  • Next meeting
    • We will meet Monday, February 2nd at 7pm in the Centre for Peace Advancement seminar room (4th floor of Conrad Grebel). Emily will confirm that a room is available
  • Tasks:
    • Kae: Write press release, get us info about the petition
    • Eleanor: Talk to Matthew Albrecht about MLK day event, ask about good films to show
    • Colin: Talk to pastor for connection with Interfaith Grand River, ask if Ploughshares has material about small arms treaty
    • Dwyer: Look up a peacemaker to honour
    • Emily: Present petition at MLK day, look into doing a movie in February a library, invite campus peace groups to next meeting


Meeting Adjourned 8:30pm