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150+ Canadians Who Contributed to Peace…

As a diverse group of Canadians from every origin and walk of life, PeaceQuest members have been inspired by this historic moment to recognize the last 150 years of nation building. As much as this is surely a time to celebrate, it is also an occasion for conversation and introspection. What have been our aspirations as a nation? How are these hopes informed by our rich indigenous history which well pre-dates 1867? Is there a shared vision for the future? PeaceQuest proposes that central to these celebrations and conversations around our national identity, the core value of peace enjoys an important and prominent place.

Just as PeaceQuest has hesitated to offer a strict definition of peace, suggesting instead a description of peace (Peace is an active way of living, seeking to resolve conflicts cooperatively, respecting the wellbeing of the earth and all peoples.), so we wanted to leave this notion as broad as possible. We understand such contributions to exist across a spectrum, from explicit efforts to end violence, to initiatives that address the causes of violence, to more general work to advance and defend basic human dignity.

It’s not so much about getting it right, but more about fostering a broad conversation about peace. We anticipate that there will be some names that will surprise you, either by their presence or their absence. But that’s where Canadians can get involved and make this a national conversation. We need to hear other voices, your voice.

There are two ways in which you can get involved:
1. Post your comments on each page! What do YOU think about who we chose?
2. Send us your suggested names! We are accepting new names to add to the list now until June 1st.

Together, let us celebrate those who have insured that peace remains a core Canadian value lying at the heart of our collective Canadian identity. Read on to view the selections that have been released to date!