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Become an Affiliate

Shows 19 people and a dog surrounding the peace flag.

PeaceQuest Regina and the Regina Peace Council raise the peace flag at Regina City Hall on September 18th, 2015

Bring PeaceQuest to where you live – Become an affiliate!

PeaceQuest started in Kingston after a few people got talking and brought together a group of interested people over potluck. Maybe you can do the same where you live. Or maybe you already have something going that is like PeaceQuest and we can be aligned for the next four years.

  • Be in touch. We welcome your interest and will help as we can.
  • When you get going, we’ll share our publicity and promotion resources as we’re able, including posting your events and even giving you a page on the website
Shows about two dozen people sitting at round tables facing a panel of four speakers.

A panel discussion held by PeaceQuest Kitchener-Waterloo in April 2015

PeaceQuest affiliates have access to:

  • Use of our logo and Graphics
  • PeaceQuest speakers offering presentations on a range of topics
  • Educational Resources (see Education Stream)
  • Event-planning resources including:
    • Customizeable Press Releases
    • Customizable posters
    • Planning Checklist
    • Promotional Checklist
  • Event-planning mentorship
  • Fundraising Materials
  • Signage and outreach materials