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Become a Partner

Get your organization on board – become a partner!

14 attendees of the Voice of Women peace leadership camp. They hold up a banner reading "Peace through non-violenece"

PeaceQuester Judi Wyatt visiting the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace Camp in 2014

Are you already involved in a group working for peace or the environment? We invite you to become a PeaceQuest Sister Group or a PeaceQuest Program Partner.

We’ll share lots of resources to help you get going with hosting PeaceQuest themed events that fit into your existing calendar.

Partners and volunteers have access to:

  • Use of our logo and Graphics
  • PeaceQuest speakers offering presentations on a range of topics
  • Educational Resources (see Education Stream)
  • Event-planning resources including:
    • Customizeable Press Releases
    • Customizable posters
    • Planning Checklist
    • Promotional Checklist