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Each faith tradition holds and cherishes peace as a value. This commonality and conviction have drawn us together to the table of the Faith Stream of PeaceQuest, inviting us on a journey of peace-making – a condition that allows all of creation to thrive.

With the underlying principles found in our sacred texts, we are in the process of planning projects as possible counter-narratives of the government’s celebration of the 100th Anniversary of “The War to End All Wars” (2014-18):

Public Peace Pilgrimages journeying from one sanctuary to another to:

~ promote and pray for peace within ourselves, within our relationships, our families, our city, our nation and the world,
~ raise awareness, to learn from others’ perspectives,
~ atone for the violence in our own lives and the world,
~ support each other’s conviction for peace,
~ promote peace as justice and fairness,
~ remember and honour the value of peace and mourn the tragedy of the war,
~ imagine a world without war,
~ be in solidarity with one another,
~ take a collection for the poor so that they might have enough food, clothing and shelter,
~ be peace in the world
~ Vigils of “Grief and Hope” at different cenotaphs connected with a significant event of WWI. In grief, because of the senselessness and tragic waste of lives and, in hope, because the torch of peace has now been passed on.

If you are interested in joining us, to plan any of these events or others, or if you or your community/group is planning a peace project and would like it advertised on out site, please contact us.